WCH ropes in Star Cricketer as the Brand Ambassador

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Weltweit College  announced the signing of  Shubh Lakshmi Sharma, Star Cricketer, Indian Women  Cricket Team as the brand ambassador here today. This is an important milestone in the institute’s  journey. 
Weltweit (1)Weltweit College is an instructional activity of Weltweit Foundation, New Delhi centered for giving  training in the field of business administration, computer applications and journalism. The institute is focused to train students, essentially by giving them industrial exposure through real ventures in the field, along with conventional classroom teaching in the modern infrastructure.

Affiliated to the renowned Vinoba Bhave University Hazaribag, Weltweit unites experienced educators and  a decent companion gathering to make a dynamic on – grounds involvement in the very heart of the Jharkhand. The organization is prepared to roll out noteworthy improvement and put resources into a  student, where desire leads them and make the next move to follow their dreams, to get the best out of  their lifetime opportunities.

Weltweit (2)CA Manoj K Pahwa, Chairman, Welt Weit College,said that “Virtues like passion, hard-work, sincerity and commitment are what we would like to inculcate in all our students.  Our main objective to introduce the star cricketer as the brand ambassador is to make the young generation aware of the institute’s academic features and teaching methodology. We have only one target to prepare each student with the assistance of the best brains as the faculty members”.

Abhishek Sinha, Managing Director, Welt Weit College said,  In  Shubh Lakshmi Sharma, we see a “go-getter”. She with her passion and commitment has crafted her own space in the highly competitive sports arena.

He added” Introduction of Ms Shubh Lakshmi Sharma as the brand ambassador is part of our expansion strategy to make young generation aware of our unique training system through a popular face of Jharkhand. The reputation of an institution is, in large part, measured by the excellence of its students. The Weltweit College  will help the students to push boundaries of their development, and expand their potential to deliver their best”.

Ms Shubh Lakshmi Sharma, Star Cricketer, said that “As a person I have always worked towards excellence. In Weltweit College Hazaribag, I see the same commitment towards their students, faculty and external stakeholders.  I’m happy to get associated with the iconic institute like Weltweit  College and would definitely spread the positive steps taken by the institute to train the students in  the field of business administration”.

Weltweit College Hazaribag  has always lived up to its motto of – Advancing Knowledge, Transforming Lives.

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