Delhi journo to become first to be arrested for Twitter trolling

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If top sources in the Delhi Police are to be believed, a senior journalist from Delhi could be arrested on charges of trolling on Twitter. The journalist identified by the police works at a senior position with a leading English daily. As per the FIR filed by another journalist Swati Chaturvedi, the accused was trolling her on Twitter and made several sexist remarks against the victim.

delhi_sex_chat_journalist_womanSenior police officers associated with the probe, however, said the investigation was still on. Sources said the police had traced the account of the accused but chose to remain silent because they were yet to receive a confirmation on the IP address from Twitter. To hold up in court, the account information has to be provided by Twitter.

“Only the administrator can give us the IP address. We have sent multiple notices to Twitter, most recently on Thursday. We have also sent summons under Section 91 of the Criminal Procedure Code to Twitter India’s offices, including the systems’ office in Delhi,” said Prem Nath, Deputy Commissioner of Police (South Delhi). He said that the social media company has not responded so far.

A case has been registered under Section 354 (D) of the Indian Penal Code against the twitter account running in the name of @LutyensInsider. Chaturvedi has provided the detailed account of the sexist remarks made by the account of the accused. Nearly 40,000 people were following the tweets of @LutyensInsider when the FIR was registered against it.

According to reports, the person using the account is said to be a senior journalist working in English language print media organisation who was tweeting gossip and inside information from corridors of power. Also, the account was being operated from Delhi.

Chaturvedi had to approach Delhi Police Commissioner BS Bassi as there was enough delay in tracking down the accused. “If the person is not arrested soon, I will not hesitate to take the matter to the court or to the National Commission for Women. This is the first case of its kind, there needs to be some conclusion,” Chaturvedi told The Hindu.

Shockingly, Chaturvedi told that she had received at least 10 rape threats after she tweeted that police has assured her of appropriate action against the accused.

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